Sessions and Conversations

An unconference session is not your normal conference session. It is more informal and about sharing and participating in conversation. A stand an deliver powerpoint it is not! Look at for an overview of some ways of running a session.

The Unconference Plan - add your ideas here

Schedule - 2 October (This is now a working draft)

People should bring

  • good shoes for walking
  • a gps enabled smartphone (to find way back) or BIG bag of breadcrumbs
  • spare change for icecreams (not for chocolates)
  • a bright blue hat and shoes (blue suede optional but necessary for cool people)
  • a few dollars for the ferry ticket (Standard 1 Zone)

Unconference needs
  • butchers paper
  • multiple screens and projectors for sharing (does the school have spaces like this? eg. the library)

8:00 am Organizers Meeting (anyone welcome)
  • Identify rooms/areas for discussions sessions.
  • Determine roles and process: session ideas organizing, wiki mirroring, hashtag creation, etc.

8:30 am Session Creation Process
Final proposals and voting!

9:00 am Organizing Begins
Socializing time while organizers meet. Organizers order the ideas by 1) most interest and 2) similar/identical topics. Sessions are scheduled into the wiki (here) by placing most popular topics each in a separate time slot. Other sessions are then thoughtfully added to time slots with some desire to balance the schedule and interest levels (an art, not a science) Wiki reveals the schedule for the day

9:30 am Official Welcome
Welcome and overview of the day, unveiling the wiki schedule!

10:00 am - 11:00 am Conversations 1 (same time as bus tour start)
One session could be streamed for online participants.
Conversations running for 20 min x 3

11:00 am - 12:00 pm Conversations 2 (same time as Leadership forum start)
One session could be streamed for online participants.
Conversations running for 20 min x 3

12:00 - 2 pm Lunch Unplugged followed by Walkabout tour
Use wiki to coordinate food options, google maps to peg sites
and GPS Smartphones to help us find our way.
Could make this into a phototour (or very small geocache)
Use our legs on some walking tours around nearby Perth.
OR - those attending the leadership forum can move across to that

3 pm Afternoon Tea

4 pm Return to #ACEC2012 keynote speaker
There are some thoughts about doing something for the Thursday and Friday breakfast

There will be many friendly faces such as these smiling faces at the ISTE 2011 SocialEdcon event.

Will we spot yours amongst the crowd?