(this is from a hangout chat - still needs some editing

i thought I was mad ... then I met Roland
woo hoo like it

we are hoping to live stream our presentation
aw, c'mon we're not THAT bad

thinking google plus hangout / event
or ustream. haven't decided yet

Informal sharing .. yes

Moving out of your comfort chair

good point

Good point .. how to make this work well. Size and fluid group management.
Capturing what goes on in the group. Nice idea .. 30 second grab.

the 30 sec grab is a great idea - what about voki or something similar - to go with twitter tag

what about those little plastic audio recorders for primary school - they only record 30 seconds

Some good tools for synthesising ideas from hash tags. Storify is one http://storify.com/rgesthuizen
Steve Madsen left group chat.


http://www.whiteboardblog.co.uk/2009/05/easi-speak-sound-recorders/ these could work

i think that was what it was


That could be great in class
or not

looking forward to meeting up at #acec

Conduit to caffeine?

yep, WA is home to the #caa crew

coffee addicts anon

Just thought about the timezones .. Perth at 7-9am = for your area?

9am in Perth = 7am in Canberra

NZ is 5 hrs ahead
when is DST?
no DST here!

DST kicks in what, during October?

3 bloody long years of daylight saving
bloody whinging mob
to be clear, I am NOT on the official planning committee
my boss is
ha ha ha
we did
hated it

3G ? what's that
that's us
control, noooo ...

WA is home to The Global Classroom Project too
That is something worth celebrating

http://www.flatclassroomconference.com/registration-info-201213.html for Europe and Japan; students / teachers

informal is good
plenty of coffee, free biscuits, goes a long way

NSW DEC ran one last year
Normal chaos!


actually, that's something I've seen work well!
but with kids - not adults

set it up as a ring so everyone has a unique persno
and they give the 30 second video telling us what that person is doing

the conversations are KEY